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  • Price dropped on 212 E 3rd Avenue in East End, Nome

    <a href=”http://melissaford.point2agent.com/Listings/Details/232638023″><img alt=”Photo Link” src=”http://mediavault.point2.com/p2a/listing/0449/7c13/37d2/2663ff422ec4cddbfc6d/w400h300.jpg” /></a> in East End, Nome Announcing a price drop on 212 E 3rd Avenue, a 1625 sqft , 2 bath , 4 bdrm single story . Now 237000 USD . MLS® 5467877 Property information

  • Lot / Land For Sale in Kotzebue, Kotzebue

    waterfront property •  9003 sqft lot / land – FOR SALE  65000 USD . in Kotzebue, Kotzebue For sale is the land lot only. Existing structure on the property is not hooked up to water/sewer system, and seller does not assume responsibility of the condition. Property information

  • MULTIPLEX For Sale in Belmont, Nome

    <a href=”http://melissaford.point2agent.com/Listings/Details/200537510″><img alt=”Photo Link” src=”http://media.point2.com/p2a/listing/7620/a039/1129/4c3b18cb5a0bea83748d/w400h300.jpg” /></a> •  8460 sqft , 8 bath multiplex “8 units” – FOR SALE  615000 USD . MLS® 33589 <span class=”dateline”><strong> in Belmont, Nome </strong></span></p> <p> What a great place to live! No shortage of tenants when you have a location like this; access to recreational areas, plenty of parking, fabulous …

  • 2 Story For Sale in East End, Nome

    <a href=”http://melissaford.point2agent.com/Listings/Details/232656173″><img alt=”Photo Link” src=”http://mediavault.point2.com/p2a/listing/dd3d/a9e1/fcf4/34d0127432d612a58b80/w400h300.jpg” /></a> <span><br /><strong>Built to BEES</strong></span> •  1832 sqft , 3 bath , 3 bdrm 2 story – FOR SALE  422000 USD . Like brand new MLS® 6578 <span class=”dateline”><strong> in East End, Nome </strong></span></p> <p> This home still has that 'new home' smell to it…..Only 5 years old with one …

  • Single Story For Sale in East End, Nome

    <a href=”http://melissaford.point2agent.com/Listings/Details/224736736″><img alt=”Photo Link” src=”http://mediavault.point2.com/p2a/listing/acfe/b135/e559/5815e37b15cf6675de29/w400h300.jpg” /></a> <span><br /><strong>Large 24×24 Garage</strong></span> •  1763 sqft , 2 bath , 4 bdrm single story – FOR SALE  415000 USD . New appliances, floors and more! MLS® 657744 <span class=”dateline”><strong> in East End, Nome </strong></span></p> <p> Amazing space, amazing construction, amazing location!Why settle for less? This home was built …