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  • How to stop a toilet from overflowing

    A toilet works by gravity: The water in the tank—just enough to fill  the bowl—drops down and pushes waste through the drain. The float drops, opening a valve that lets in water to refill the bowl and the tank simultaneously. The valve closes when the float rises far enough to shut off the water.

    If the water from the tank can’t leave the bowl fast enough, then the refill will spill over. To stop the refill action, take off the top of the tank, grab the float, and pull it up to c

  • Home insurance information for Nome AK

    One of the challenges with living in Nome is something that people in the Lower 48 take for granted….the access to hazard insurance for your home.  One of the most important factors in the monthly payment for your home is the cost of your insurance.  Rate quotes vary greatly from agent to agent, insurer to insurer.  I have worked with several different companies and am always happy to refer you to agents who have proven to be easy to work with and carry insurance products that are cost

  • Single Story For Sale in Kotzebue, Northwest Arctic Borough

    •  1,266 sq. ft., 1 bath, 2 bdrm single story$215,000.

  • How to calculate debt to income ratio

    Qualified mortgages require debt-to-income ratios of no more than 43 percent.

    The debt-to-income ratio is a method for a lender to measure a borrower’s ability to manage the payments made every month in order to repay the money borrowed. To calculate a debt-to-income ratio, a le

  • Nome Sweet Homes now hiring!

    Tired of punching a clock? Like to help people? Have a can-do attitude and a strong sense of personal responsibility? If you have ever considered a career in real estate, I would like to help!

    Flexible hours, hands on mentor-ship, with an established and successful brokerage. I will walk you thru the process of getting your required education and license, then reimburse many of your costs after your first closing.

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